Embrace Capitalism - it works!

Mutually beneficial trade between divergent parties is good.
Capitalism = Trade

Capitalism or Trade is the primary driving force behind ALL progress that man has achieved.
 It is a win-win system and is antithetical to a zero sum philosophy (Progressivism). It is a most basic of human endeavors and has always has been, even before humans evolved from hunter-gathers into an agrarian social creature.

I'm suggesting that it could be a viable, vastly improved alternative to the Uni-party political system that exists today in the United States of America.
Capitalism is not always pretty or picture perfect, nor are its results necessarily immediate. But it is by far the 'fairest' system for distributing goods and services that has ever been devised by mankind. 
I think Capitalism could be utilized to much greater extent and effect than at present, in nearly every aspect of the business of “We the People” that relates to governing. It could  tremendously improve everyone's “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”.

Ultimately it is the voluntary exchange of value for like-value between parties , providing simultaneous benefit to both, plus something more.  Capitalism creates a greater whole than the sum of it's combined parts.

President Trump Addresses the World Economic Forum
Davos, Switzerland January 2018